Written By Leslie Sien - June 11 2018


Amir Fernandez
December 06 2018

Very disaponinted, gets extremely hot no matter the coils or set up, moist all over, the ring spins.. Burning lips, hands wet.. Total Fail!!!

Chad Kleckler
August 21 2018

I gotta say, the Layer Cake is a real mixed bag for me. I absolutely love the deck. Easy to build and I’m a fan of the easy clamp system. The little O-ring on the bottom is a nice touch for squonking too.
The top-cap is a complete failure though. Its terrible. It gets insanely hot sometimes and I’m not entirely sure why. The virtually non-existant drip tip, which is also a frustrating two-part system, doesn’t help. The beauty ring fits terribly and flops around uselessly. There’s too many moving parts and o-rings holding it together so its always coming loose and leaking juice out of all the cracks and crevices, especially when squonking.
I was a really early pre-order and I was quite excited to get my hands on the follow up to the cosmonaut. It was a real let down honestly. That said, I think its a very fixable problem. A new top-cap could really make this thing shine. Lose the layers. Less is more when it comes to top caps. The deck is sooo good but the current cap is soooo bad…

August 18 2018

Sorry .. i’m yacoub who post the last comment .. i want to say that hot in atomaizer push me to sell it .. cuz it’s very very hot .. i can bot vape

August 18 2018

i used Alien coils .16 ohm
And the atomaizer is very very hot and this is
Push to start to buy it .. how i can solve this problem in the build

Ephraim Cooper
August 11 2018

I use a mech mod. How does it drip through the top? I hate squanking. Is the flavor and clouds better then the Cosmonaut. I ordered one. Right now I only use the Cosmonaut. I just want to know if u can drip through the top easily.

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