Cop or Drop: Viva La Cloud's El Thunder Mechanical Mod

Written By Tien Wong - April 30 2017


Dane Bentley
August 15 2017

Hi possibly looking at getting one of these are the new switches on every one I like the switch on the aluminum ones with that engraving I am wondering is that on the brass as well??

May 11 2017

@Chad, the next version that they are going to release is just a revised switch, which will be available to purchase separately.

@Daniel, Nate, Galoust, We are opening up preorders soon which will include the latest switch with an ETA of 5/15/17. So keep your eyes peeled :)

May 10 2017

Definitely cop………looks like a nice piece of equipment!! An would definitely pick one up!!

May 04 2017

Definitely cop it. Looks like a nice mod. Also the vaping hogan said they’re releasing a v1.5 or v2 soon.

May 04 2017

Cop that ish!

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